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Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Work

Yes, the work. What began as an opinion piece in Toronto's Fab Magazine has become, blessedly, a national dialogue in many gay communities about the blurred line between Preference and Prejudice, the language used to convey (or reveal?) them and the comments and words of those responding to it have been equally revealing. I'm glad to have contributed to the main article as this prejudice passing as "preference" is pretty pathetic.

A few things to note
1. There has yet to be an intelligent, rational, fact-based and intellectually honest rebuttal to not only the actual content (and main thesis) of the article. Instead we have a lovely collection of stupid, (willfully?) ignorant, uneducated and uninformed opinions vehemently demanding to be taken seriously. Sorry, sugar, but not all "opinions" are Equal, especially those that can only exist if one chooses to ignore factual sociological reality. It was, of course, an opinion piece - based on sociological fact.
2. Most "dissenting views" seem to cry about "being told whom to fuck" or "infringing on freedom of speech", neither of which have anything at all to do with the article(s). This is related to point number one - if you have to ignore the argument and instead project an argument that has not been made, and then disagree with it, you only prove the rest of us right. Your emotions make you want to argue against our points, but you can't, so you make up a new argument and argue against that instead. Congrats, you're a moron. We're asking people to first think about what they say, and how they say it, and second think about what leads to them to feel the way they feel, and like what they think they like. Alas, it seems they'd rather not think.
3. Far too many people don't understand that there is a difference between an Orientation and concepts of attraction and beauty. They're wholly different. Anyone who doesn't know this, or refuses to accept it, is simply making a choice to be utterly incorrect. Understand that there is a difference, first. Then, and only then, are you in a place to enter the discussion and be able to hold your own.
4. Most depressingly, it just seems that far too many white men not only have no concept at all of what life and prejudice is like for people of colour, it seems that they truly don't care; they don't want to listen. They're disregarding what people are saying, apparently, because of their skin colour. They not only don't want to fuck "blacks or asians" - they don't want to listen to them either. Yeah. Because that's not racist.

We live in a world that worships a few things more than anything else.
1. Whiteness
2. Maleness
3. Straightness/Heterosexuality
(add into this Money/"Class")
"No Fats Femmes Asians or Blacks"

make the great leap to seeing the connection, boys and girls. It's amazing when guys say "you can't tell me what to like!"'ve missed the point. You've already been told. That's why what you like is so limited - what to find attractive, what is deemed "beautiful" and "worthy" has already been dictated to you by greater culture. What you like isn't what YOU like - it's what you've been conditioned to like by a white straight male worshipping culture. Your preferences aren't actually your own - they're someone else's.

Anyway, our piece really got the talk, and indeed The Work, going. This is a good thing.

there was the original piece:

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So, all in all, mission muthafuckin' accomplished. The dialogues are happening. And intelligent minds without a need to defend their "right to be wrong" will take note that (like I said earlier) there has yet to be even one intelligent, backed-up and factually honest 'rebuttal.'

Over the years studies have been done on the subversive nature of this 'New Millennial Racism' - the new face and form of ethnic prejudice in our culture. Here's a little video you should all see. The embedding option has been disabled by the owner of the video, so just click the darn link.

Werk ;-)


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I do not look at race when searching for a potential partner. Race has never been an issue for me. Why? Because I was raised to be respectful of all people, no matter their background, race, religion, etc. I was taught to see and appreciate the richness of other cultures. The way I approach a potential partner is this : does he have a good heart? What about his values? His goals? What makes him tick? What is near and dear to him. His plans for the future? You know, the things that matter. Needless to say, I detest racism, bigotry, prejudice, and I will fight these any way I can.

Pip said...

i have been preaching this message for years. thank you for keeping the dialogue rolling. the 1st step in changing a problem is identifying it. i think many gay men still have a problem identifying the institutionalized racial bias within themselves (and society at large. i have been the victim of this bias many times.

Astro said...

along with Pip, its been something I've been trying to communicate for a long time, when i found the great website

Race issues in the Gay community really need an open and honest dialogue, but everyone is terrified of saying anything because they don't want to be labeled as racist.

People don't want to dig down deep and analyze WHY they feel a certain way. Could it be that society and media has a standard of beauty and gender norms that we are bombarded with the second we get out of the womb?

People just need to the saying goes "ask a question and be a fool for a second, never ask a question and be a fool forever"

And as Bill Maher said, denying Racism has become The New Racism.

Chory Ferguson said...

"We live in a world that worships a few things more than anything else.
1. Whiteness
2. Maleness
3. Straightness/Heterosexuality
(add into this Money/"Class")
'No Fats Femmes Asians or Blacks'"

Unfortunately, I feel you've got this list a bit inside-out…our worship of white male heterosexuality is an EXTENSION of our worship of Monied Class Privilege, not the other way round. Were the wealthy privileged few all queer Asian women, we would worship that. They aren't, so we don't. White British and American Men invented the industrial revolution and have been profiting off it since—to the detriment of everyone and everything. Our worship of them is REALLY a worship of their money. Sans that, they're merely an unremarkable <5% of the global population.

Class/Money privilege is a difficult topic for us to address (especially as western white men—your own use of quotes around "class" would indicate a discomfort with the idea, even given it is an established reality) because it is uncomfortable—awfully close to home, and awfully comforting to a degree. Especially so because Poverty happens to white people too. We would like—as while folk—to believe that the oppression of the poor stems from white privilege, but it doesn't: it stems from MONEY. Rich whites are just as willing to oppress poor whites as anyone else (e.g., Mitt Romney, Billionaire Mormon for President), perhaps more-so because they don't have the "excuse" for their poverty that people of colour do; and rich and powerful people of colour often exhibit little by way of notable action to actually aid the poor (see: Barak Obama, et al), especially poor whites.

Money is the problem: we (as a society) will worship whoever has it.

Your points herein, however, are well formed, and—as always—I adore reading your work!

Little Kiwi said...

Agreed, Chory! And thanks!

Your point is made brilliantly clear by those people who are indeed a part of the "99%" who claim not to be. You know, the ones who take a ridiculous "pride" in working three jobs and having no insurance and, uh, "not complaining about it."

The poor who suck up to the rich.

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