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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Crazy Closeted Andrew Shirvell

Interactions with Andrew Shirvell - Cyber Bully, Bigot and Closeted Homosexual.

September 16 at 6:55pm My Message to Andrew on Facebook.
I mean it's bad enough that you're a pathetic online cyberbully but the really tragic part of it is that it's just so brutally painfully OBVIOUS that you're gay too!

Do you really think this is gonna fly, Sugar? It's TEXTBOOK! Every time you closet-case Republican cowards conducts a pathetic, bigoted and baseless witchhunt against LGBT people, it makes it clear as day that you think nobody will notice how gay YOU are. You all think it's a disguise.
"Oh, i know, I'll be really really anti-gay! That way NOBODY will ever suspect me!"
You're in for a big shock, little man. You're brutally, painfully, obviously gay. And the more you attack those who are Out, the deeper you're gonna dig youself into this hole. And that PATHETIC blog you run? It's gonna come back to haunt you. Big time. Throughout the rest of professional and personal life. You're just royally screwed yourself, kiddo. How do you want to be remembered? What do you think your legacy will be? You're on the losing side of history, and worse, you're a total Jewcatcher. Remember them? Selling out their own kind to the Gestapo, passing for gentiles, so that they could avoid their own persecution? That's you, man. And it's painfully obvious.

So what's your plan? Gonna keep up the charade until your own computer gets confiscated, the files are examined and your own truth Comes Out? It could happen. Keep being a cyber-bully and maybe someone will have reason to suspect you of criminal activity. Bring the whole house of cards down, eh?

It's bad enough to be a bigot in this day and age. Shameful, really. You'd be looked back on in history with the same embarrassment and disgust reserved for those who opposed Integration and fought against the Civil Rights Movement.

But you're something worse. You're a gay man who hates being gay so much that he promotes anti-gay bigotry as part of his disguise. You have blood on your hands, Andrew.

You were born a gay man. You will die a gay man. Nothing will ever change that. No matter what lies you tell, or what hatred you promote. You will always always always be a gay man. The sad thing is, you're choosing to hide and hurt others, when you could be a part of the solution to end prejudice and injustice in America.

What will be your legacy? Cowardice and shame and bigotry, or redemption?

You're fooling no one. Time is limited. You can't hide forever. Sooner or later, the truth always Comes Out.
Andrew Shirvell September 25 at 6:58pm Report
Wow, you’re such a wind-bag, Raymond! You're also a disordered SODOMITE (that's why u think everyone else is, too). SHAMEFUL!
Raymond September 25 at 11:51pm
"sodomite" means what, exactly?
what specific acts do you think all gay people do that no straight people do? do you think it's about specific sex acts? if so, which ones?

you spend a lot of time thinking about what gay men are doing. very odd ;-)

today my sodomite lifestyle involved dinner with friends, a theatre show, groceries and a trip to the library.
what's sinful about that?

keep it up, coward. it'll be your undoing.
Raymond September 26 at 12:07am
and expect that everyone on your friends list, and all your family, will be informed of your shady doings.

so much for working against "Cyber-Bullying", eh? Can dish it but you can't take it?

If you keep it up, well, the harder you'll fall. You're fooling no one.
Andrew Shirvell September 26 at 12:12am Report
They all know about my "controversial" blog, you idiot. Everyone is very supportive. So good luck with your harassment campaign, Raymond.

P.S. Face it, now you're just getting plain pathetic!
Raymond September 26 at 12:14am
there's nothing pathetic about living a life of honesty and integrity while calling out a cowardly bigoted bully.

enjoy your blog, enjoy digging yourself deeper into a hole. i pity you. of course you're anti-gay. your family would disown you if they knew the truth. that's too bad.
my parents and i march in the pride parade together every year. im sorry you don't know what it's like to be loved and accepted for who you are.

so, keep up the blog. it's not gonna hurt Andrew. it is, however, going to seal your fate. you're never going to amount to anything in politics because of this.

you've lost.
Andrew Shirvell September 26 at 12:18am Report
Oh, yeah, hahahahah! P.S. I will be on some national news programs next week! Everyone will know about Armstrong now!!! So, unless you want to be featured next on the blog, I would suggest you leave me be and let sleeping dogs lie, ok, Miss Raymond?
Raymond September 26 at 12:46am
what don't you get? us openly gay guys don't care if people know that we're gay. we ENJOY our lives! you lie about Armstrong. flat-out. you're OBSESSED with him. this is going to come back to haunt you BIG TIME, bucko. You're never going to be taken seriously. Ever.
"Miss Raymond?" nice. good old fashioned misogyny, eh? And that proves my point, too: you're a closet case. Calling me "Miss" isn't an insult. I don't think females are lower or lesser than males. It's an insult to you, because you think less of women, and you're terrified of being associated with anything 'gay', even fun use of female pronouns. Because you're a closet case. You keep proving me right.
You're on my blog, I might as well be on yours :-) I have nothing to hide; a life of honesty, integrity and a life's work standing up against bigoted cowardly bullies like you.

And all these conversations here? Recorded. Saved. Posted.

Thanks. You do our work for us.

EDIT - after all this went down, Shirvell was taken to court. And he was found guilty.  This blog post was used as part of the court case against him and I'm very happy that Armstrong continues to flourish in life while Shirvell is destined for nothing - except paying millions for defamation and harassment.


R. Greene said...

Mr. Miller - BRAVO! You sized up Andrew Shirvell perfectly... it's what so many have been thinking - knowing incessantly demonstrates a textbook homophobe (of the extreme closeted variety).

I'm not gay; just the Mom of a gay son. I believe you'll find that Andrew Shirvell is about to implode.
(Mother's intuition)

Little Kiwi said...


And thank you for your love and support of the community. We're all family, and we're all in it together.


Anonymous said...

"Wow, you’re such a wind-bag, Raymond "

We've seen you in interviews, Mr SHRILLvell (or would you prefer "SHREWvell"?). You are the last person to call anyone a "windbag"

Little Kiwi said...

I suppose the good news is that his bigotry is so ridiculous, his homosexuality so obvious, and his "arguments" so immature that he will, really, never amount to anything in life.

This will haunt him, Forever. He's just lost any chance he ever may have had of advancing his career.

He's doing our work for us!

It *is* sad, though, that he is this way because his family is full of anti-gay bigots. They hate gays, he's gay, so he pretends he hates gays as part of his "i'm not gay" disguise.

What a coward.

Vito Oliver said...

LOL. This guy is completely daft.

Inspector13 said...

i sent this letter in to my local michigan paper:

I call upon Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox to fire Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell for his shameful and disgusting internet harrassment of a University of Michigan-Ann Arbor student. Mr. Shirvell doesn't like the fact this student is openly gay.

Mr. Shirvell likens his harrassment of this student to a political campaign and claims he is not a bigot, just a Christian citizen exercising his first amendment rights. What Mr. Shirvell is actually doing is attacking someone for expressing their own first amendment rights and wrapping himself in the cloak of religion as justification.

Mr. Shirvell is so obsessed with this young man that he has created a blog using the young mans name for the sole purpose of endlessly bashing him and anyone who agrees with him.

This is intollerable. Mr. Shirvell is using his position to further a radical Christian agenda designed to vilify and deny the rights of gay people and he is using this young man as a scapegoat.

Enough is enough!

is little kiwi from the ethan morden novels?

Inspector13 said...

i wonder if shirvell is the one who sent the amicus brief on prop. 8 on behalf of michigan.

Little Kiwi said...

YUP! Ethan Mordden is my hero! :-)

Suniverse said...

Thanks for this.

I am appalled, particularly as a UofM alum, that this tool would represent my school and my state to the world.

Anonymous said...

All this bluster... Wouldn't it be simpler if Andy just ASKED Chris for a DATE??

Allison Tomasek said...

Bravo! I just found your blog as it was linked to the story on the in a comment. I love your view points and even though I'm a straight woman, one thing I'm not is narrow and work hard to support, defend, and advance the equality of the LGBT members of my community. Excellent blog! LOVE IT!!!

AND I happen to be Christian but I try to follow in the footsteps of jesus who said absoultely NOTHING about homosexuality in the Bible and calls us to LOVE one another.

This man does not speak for me or my faith and quite frankly he sickens me. I'm worried for the safety of Mr. Armstrong.

daBinsi said...

Good job Kiwi!!!

daBinsi said...

Good job Kiwi!!!

Jake said...

Woah! Raymond, way to go on calling out this crazy, obsessed, closeted bigot. He is out of his mind and deserves all negative criticism for making Armstrong's life hell. What does he think he's doing??!

Unknown said...

Nicely done, Little Kiwi. I followed a link from HP. Your blog post was spot on and your exchange with him priceless. Pity is the perfect reaction to this poor fellow, but he should definitely be fired right away.

A said...

OMG! PLEASE send a link to this exchange to the Michigan Attorney General's office so they can see that this whackjob engages in 4th grade ridiculous batshit crazy exchanges. What a NUT JOB! If you click on his facebook link, you can see all of his crazy right wing "likes" also which tells us all we need to know.

Merlyn said...

If this guy isn't gay, then I'm turning in my lesbian credentials. It's Shirvell who is truly pitiful. He can't live honestly and openly so he whines and carries on about the "radical gay agenda". Pitiful.

Inspector13 said...

anti bullying laws or something. maybe hate crime legislation.
i think this mght be a set up fo a test case to challenge
it wouldn't surprise me.

btw i live in michigan.

Inspector13 said...

that did not come out right.

i think this is a set up or a test case against anti bullying laws or hate crime laws. the michigan family association just lost an anti hate crime lawsuit. they were denied standing by the court and they need a victim.

mike cox and this jerk are thick as thieves with them and all the other michigan anti gay groups.

Inspector13 said...

i sent mike cox this email:

I am of the opinion that the reason you filed an amicus brief in the Prop8 appeal is due to the fact that if it stands then your very own anti gay case will be challenged and you will lose.

You took away rights which were already granted. That is unconstitutional.

You are the handmaiden of the American Family Association of Michigan and all of the other religious anti gay people. No fair minded decent person would ever have ignored the fact that from day one the anti gay marriage people said it was NOT ABOUT BENEFITS. But, it was.

If the Prop8 case prevails as unconstitutional, all of your religious right little schemes will be undone.

What you did to the people of Michigan was unChristian and unconstitutional.

Tell Gary Glenn I said have a nice day.

i also sent him an email saying that i thought he was setting up a test case for the michigan family association. i am certain that this is a set up. cox rolls that way.

you should see the crap on it reads like parody and totally gay.

Inspector13 said...

mayber this guy is part of a secret gay cabal within the christian right anti gay movement that has designs on bringing them down through stunts like this.

they are giving approval to behavior which is beyond beyond the pale of decency. they think they are creating a martyr to the cause while actually being destroyed from within.

i wonder if cox would fight the feds over hate crime enhancement if this jerk killed the kid. somebody needs to ask him.

Tripe said...

Let's try a different tack with Drew eh? ;)

David Carlton said...

When he gets canned by the state of Michigan he can always go work for the Phelps Law Firm in Topeka,KS! He'd fit right in with those freaks!

Inspector13 said...

i wrote cox and asked him if he would fight hate crime enhancement charges if shirvell did something to the kid. no reply. this is a scheme by the anti gays. they all need to be fired.

to david, he can't join the westoboro clan, they hate catholics too and he's a catholic.

Anonymous said...

Followed the link to you from Huffpo and a jolly high five to you mate.

Well, done. Yes, send this over to Mike Cox.

Wondering why the local LGBT community does not picket this guy at his office????? Sure would bring more unwanted publicity and expedite his removal--don't ya think?

Patrick said...

I am an avid reader of you blog in the UK and commend you for being such a wonderful representative of the gay community. In the UK we are outraged that this disgusting, vile man has harassed a young man solely because of his sexuality. If I was in America I would make it my objective to harass this freak and thankyou for attacking him. If he is a closeted gay I hope he remains that way as we do not need such a disgusting human becoming associated with our wonderful open community. You have really made me smile mr Miller keep up the good work.

Patrick said...

I am an avid reader of you blog in the UK and commend you for being such a wonderful representative of the gay community. In the UK we are outraged that this disgusting, vile man has harassed a young man solely because of his sexuality. If I was in America I would make it my objective to harass this freak and thankyou for attacking him. If he is a closeted gay I hope he remains that way as we do not need such a disgusting human becoming associated with our wonderful open community. You have really made me smile keep up the good work mr Miller.

Inspector13 said...

is the assistant attorney general of michigan part of a secret gay cabal within the religious right determined to bring them down through excessive behavior and thus exposing them for the hate mongers they are? why will he not address this? what has he got to hide? this man is PERSECUTING this kid in the public square BECAUSE HE IS GAY. and we have to accept it that he will not be terminated from his position within the public trust. he was a political hire. why must we accept this? this is not free speech. this is the persecution of one single person in the public square by the PUBLIC SERVANT. a person he selected to persecute DUE TO ONE ASPECT OF THE PERSONS BEING. this is the very definition of a hate crime. and cox thinks this guy has every right to persecute this young man IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE without reprisal. this violates the public trust. THE PUBLIC SQUARE IS WHERE THEY BURNED THE WITCHES. and that is what this guy is doing.

Gravity said...

As a Lesbian and a Mother of a 22 year old son, that shriveled piece of sh*t scared the sh*t out me!! Thank you kind Sir for saying what everyone felt!!! Freaks me out there is more people like him out there.. if we have to one at a time then so be it

rainbowfire said...

Wow andrew,
so you are so pathetic! Arn't you suppose to be about brotherly love? doesn't your bible say something like this love one and another , and love your neibhor?
Oh wait you do ! Andrew did chris reject you again? AYAou know you can buy a blow up doll and put a picture of chris on it right??

bikerboy1515 said...

Hey Little Kiwi - KUDO's I hope this blows the lid off of SO MANY closeted hate queens in hiding. APPLAUSE! Are you on Face book? There is another guy just like Shirvell on the page called ANTI-GAY MARRIAGE!/pages/ANTI-GAY-MARRIAGE/95597331041?ref=ts

If I knew how to set up a blog I'd do it against this Jahnmaud Oshe Lane, he is another classic textbook closet queer who thinks calling everyone else queer hides the fact he is over 35, never married, no children HELLO! Let's blow his cover next!



Unknown said...

As a servant of our lord, Jesus Christ, I am openly offended and tired of anti-christians like Andrew Shirvill.

He is a homophobic bigot, he damages Christianity using that as his justification for his hate-filled actions and has no right to hold the position that he does with the state of Michigan. I hope Mike Cox has trouble with his re-election for not acting sooner on silencing this hateful & evil person.


MarchHare said...

Wow....Shrivell sure sounded as "cocky" and confident as a sad little man like him could be the day before AC360. Did he seriously think he had the balls to come off sounding logical, authoritative...or butch? No comments afterwards we see. But I am going to guess he will never see his appearance, or his words, or actions, or camoflage to be the things at fault, but that he will see himself an innocent victim of an unwarranted attack by the "radical homosexual elite" he seems obsessed with. When all any CSI needed to do is take tooth impression from his backside to see that he had bit himself in the ass.

rekrab33 said...

Andrew Shirvell,comes across as a,spiteful, ignorant ,frustrated bitch!

Raymond Voigt said...

Comment I sent to Shirvell's FB account. He blocked me that day. I thought I was rather polite and respectful, considering that politeness and respect are civilized attributes that are foreign to Andrew.

Wow. Talk about a career ending move.

You've put a horrible light on your faith and will probably lose your job. Mike Cox might be looking at the end of his career, too. Sucks to be you. I imagine you feel persecuted and that you are absolutely in the right. I'm sad for you.
You should spend less time reading Leviticus and Romans and more on 1 Corinthians 13 and the Sermon on the Mount. Stalking Chris Armstrong, both in person and online, is not an impersonal act. It's very personal to the men you attack. I don't believe Jesus ever stood outside a young man's home and harranged him week after week. It's more a sign of a sick mental illness and uncontrolled obsession.
Good luck in finding your way. Over the next few weeks, you'll have a rough time. But unless you change your ways in a fundamental way, you'll probably have a rough life.

Raymond Voigt

Unknown said...

Shirvell is not the only serial abuser in MI Civil Service. I got put off work in no small part because of duress on the job, was given lifetime LTD and seveal years ago had it terminated by a ruthless state contractor who is being rewarded financially for screwing the disabled. They used a dr with a violent criminal record (a whole 'nother issue, MI is the great refuge of drs who have lost the right to practice in other states for damn good reason like substance abuse and they come here and whore for insurance companies rubber stamping what they want, truth be damned and their word counts over read drs and it's a cash cow, no malpractice insurance because they can't be sued) amd 5 yrs in Jackson for trying to kill a woman with multiple claw hammer blows to her head. This paragon of virtue did not even pretend to do an exam. Another dr so badly injured my upper spine I've had sugeries with more down the pike. If some clown off the street had done what he did to me, it would be non-aggravated assault, yet I still don't have my benefits back and there is no end in sight. And guess which office is refusing to investigate tampering with electronic records by someone up the food chain in Civil Service? That's right, Cox's merry band of fraudsters. There are some good people in his office but Shirvell ain't one of them and he is not the first miserable little jerk to be abusive in the SOM and sadly won't be the last.

Unknown said...

As a straight man and a supporter of the LGBT community, I say rock on man and thank you for calling this guy out on his non-sense. The scary thing is that this guy agreed to go on CNN, unreal, just amazing!

Unknown said...

It was actually pretty scary to watch Shrivell on AC360! As the interview went on he looked more and more like he was about to explode! I mean, he looked like he was going to go completely psycho at any second. Congrats to you for nail this closet case and to Anderson Cooper for not backing down to his worms pathetic micro-rage. If anyone doubted Andy was a Dandy, the don't any longer! Queer as a $3 bill!

Anonymous said...

Good work, babe! Such a sickening story.

Editor said...

As I watched Mr Shirvell on AC360 two things were apparent to me immediately: 1) this man is a beer (or two) short of a six-pack, and 2) he most likely has Asperber's Syndrome. Additionally, there is no doubt that he's obsessed with the college student, most likely is in love with him.

30 October 2010 13:51

Joe Sylvester said...

I noticed in your exchange that Shirvell said everyone supports him... I am active in the party too and I haven't found anyone that does.

Also thanks for brining up the closet case thing. I thought I was the only person that thought that.

He's quite shameful!

Anonymous said...

You know, I usually look down on immediately pointing the finger and yelling "GAY!" at every homophobe, as some do. But after listening to this man talk for about 30 seconds, I have to agree--totally closeted. If it's true, then this whole thing is very, very sad--he should be given love instead of hate.

Joe-sf said...

What a purse lipped queen. Have you ever seen anyone so obvious and so revolting. He is truly unfuckable.

Hope Ms Shrivell doesn't go after Armstrong. These wack jobs can be dangerous.

Unknown said...

What a great documented 'incident' with Mr. Shrivel that you have posted/recorded for posterity. You were so incredibly right in all your assessments of the situation. He said, "Everyone will know about Armstrong now!"...not Chris Armstrong...but Armstrong! now he had the proof for the world to see of this low life's he had done the world a huge justice in bringing this all to light...and in so doing has made the world a better place for which he surely will be rewarded. I just wonder what it was he thought everyone would think of Chris once they were up to speed with his delusional ramblings? And did he think he would then feel vindicated and be the big tough man/hero around the office?
And when he said that his co-workers were aware of his blog and were supportive..however delusional that may be(I hope) doubt gave him a false sense of confidence, which made him even more reckless. Well done Raymond. (can I call you that?)...We've never been properly introduced.

Little Kiwi said...

thanks everyone! hehehe! aint Shirvell CRAAZY?

it's sad, though. this will be his legacy.


The problem of living in an insular world where everyone reflect bigotry back at each other is that they become out of touch with...well...everyone else.

Shirvell, of course, is a homosexual. I say "homosexual" and not "gay man" because you're born a homosexual - you have to EARN being gay, by Coming Out and embracing who you are.

Armstrong will flourish. Shirvell? No way he's going to live this down and find solid employment, and who does he have to turn to? A bigoted family he's spent his life trying to convince that he's not gay by being a big ol'anti-gay bigot.

One day, he will be Outed. And after we take pleasure in it (because, hey, karma is real...) we can encourage him to do the right thing: become an Advocate for equality, by sharing his story of how self-hate and religious bigotry turned him into a man hell-bent on attacking others to distract the people who were supposed to love from the truth about Who (and what) he is....

daBinsi said...


The Bull's Eye said...

I'm sooo impressed. While I generally think closet cases need to be treated gently, so they learn that it's safe to come out. This is one of those exceptions.

Please, continue to scare the crap out of him.

You have my blessing.

The Bull's Eye said...

I'm sooo impressed, Ray.

While I generally think closet cases need to be treated gently, so they learn that it's safe to come out. This is one of those exceptions.

Please, continue to scare the crap out of him.

You have my blessing.

rainbowbenson said...

i may of stumbled onto shirvell on Grindr the gay app on my iphone. Do you think grindr would out him ?
This is a long shot, there was no pic of his face, but i have more information

Little Kiwi said...


Nick said...

Yahoo! That was amazing,Kiwi! And I love all theses great comments!! Hi-five!!!

Unknown said...

It seems that Andrew Studied Law at the Ave Maria Law School, therefore, this emplies that he is Catholic,and I could be wrong on this, and he really does not represent the Catholic Church in her Teachings. It is evident that Andrew doesn't know what it says in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which states that we are Gay by no fault of our own. So, essentially,he is representing himself as a very hardlined "Fundamentalist" Catholic

Rahsaan said...


Right on! I loathe bullies. And all most adult bullies are just overgrown children hiding their childhood traumas with the facade of prowess. And really, their clandestineness is obvious to anyone who's ever been on a schoolyard playground.

Even this Andrew-creature's retorts are sophomoric. What kind of adult debates that way? I was almost embarrassed for him while reading his replies.

Cambel said...

LOVED how you just kept calling him out over and over as a closet case.

And it was very telling that his responses...the insults, the phony laughter, the threats all sounded like he was a 12 year old.

KJ said...

Thanks for the link over at Towleroad. Wow! This guy is really not well, and I suspect this unhealthy obsessions with a student government president is only the tip of the iceberg. It's hard to imagine his holding his job as long as he did.

B Snow said...

That's so weird. Wasn't he a state employee? But he responded to you like any high school kid might (albeit with better spelling). I would feel sorry for him if he weren't so awful. I hope he gets some help.

Just out of curiosity, how do you post a fb thread on a blog?

And you have the most adorable dog evar. That is all. :)

Cambel said...

Back in the news, I wonder if he would sound the same now? LOL

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