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Monday, 8 August 2011

How Not To Hit On Me

Grindr. Say what you will about it, it's here and it's being used. A lot. Whether it's for people who want "Oral Sex with GPS" or a quick and easy way to find 420-friendly queer dudes to kick back and watch art-films with (don't laugh, it's used for that more than you know) the reality is that Grindr is useful, useless, hilarious and sad in equal measure. You get very little room to "say" things, and it's amazing how people (mis)use the limited characters they have.
A guy will say "muscular" to describe himself. Yes, well, we can see from your picture that you're muscular, so that's a waste of text-space now isn't it? That said, his choosing to waste text space by stating the obvious is actually a terrific indicator that he's a Moron Seeking Other Morons. Duly noted, and thank you for the heads-up.

Now while it's hard to "get a feel" for a person on an app with such 'limited' profile space, the reality is that what is said, what is not said, and the specific way in which things are or are not said still manages to actually give you a pretty darn good idea of who you're chatting with.

Shown here. All was going well, nice friendly flirty chat, nothing overtly sexual either. Friendly, like I said. And then I was asked "Hey, are you Masc?"

Here's what happened next - My text in YELLOW his text in BLUE


*Now, we all know "Nor Ono" is Grindr-autocorrect-speak for "Not Into" hehehe!
Then I was sent four text messages informing me that I have "mental issues" and that I'm "really judgmental."
Now, let's stop for a moment to address that. HE is allowed to "pre-judge" all "fems" or "blacks" and not want to meet them, but I'M not allowed to not want to meet someone who prejudges "blacks" and "fems"? He's allowed to not be into blacks and fems but I'm not allowed to be into a guy who's not into blacks and fems? Heaven forbid we be so quick to snap to a judgement based on someone's being so quick to snap to a judgement based on someone's ethnicity. My mind just turned inside out.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I present the approach to logic of a douche-nozzle who will spend his entire life wondering why his experience is so mediocre.

Love, Little Kiwi
*elegant curtsy*


Top to Bottom said...

J'adore you.

jonathan edward mayhew said...

RIGHT??! i really dont get all of this ignorant casual racism and homophobia that so many people in our community have become accustom to be normal and appropriate, great job calling him out on it! said...

Eew! What rock did he crawl out from? I hate labels, and tend to despise those who feel the need to categorize people into their personal filing system. You're light-years ahead of the bastard, and intelligent enough to know it. Bravo! :D

Hot Damn Charlotte Ann said...

There is a delicious irony in people who get haughty about anyone else being judgmental. Personally, I think that one has to be "judgmental" on some level...otherwise we'd all be smoking meth with ex-cons who'll be on the right side of a shank. It is okay to size people and situations up. However, it is absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong to project your own threshold out into the world. You keep that shit to yourself.

Anonymous said...

You are a freak...

Chunks said...

Unaddressed issues with ethnicity? Can you also have unaddressed issues with hairiness? Unaddressed issues with height? With youngness? How about death? Would you be a discriminatory right-wing pig if you turned down a dead person for sex? Honestly what a lot of PC bullshit. Just sayin'.

Little Kiwi said...

Chunks, in your desperate attempt to prove me wrong you've only proven me right and made yourself look like a complete fucking idiot. Seriously. Thanks for that.

How about you provide a link to your own blog? Oh, right. You couldn't possibly do that. That would require actual balls.

You have perfectly demonstrated that you don't know shit about sociology, how society works, and the realities of what life is like for non-whites in America. Keep pretending it's just "PC bullshit" - it only makes you look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Little Kiwi, your blog is great. Your comments at Towleroad made me want to come visit here. You look and sound attractive, smart, and fun.
That said, and since you ended this post with "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury"...
I think you may have rushed to judge this lad. And I say that because something about the way he types and responds makes me think he understood you, and was in fact trying to get himself out of a tight spot, having offended you. He even said he liked your video and your use of the "whipper snapper," in effect appealing to your intellectual sensibilities while trying to change topics. Then you baited him by re-asking what he meant by 'masc' and he took the bait, sadly. I have a feeling you could have given him the benefit of the doubt and had a nice date...which may not have ended in love but you never know...;) but keep fighting the good fight!

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