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Sunday, 13 November 2011

You're Not *Really* Anti-Gay

Anti-Gay Conservatives are a funny bunch. And by funny I mean pathetic. It's the sheer hypocrisy of their illogical excuses that makes my wee little head spin.

Look at anti-gay males and you will see that they fall, exclusively, into one of TWO very specific subgroups of Collective Hypocrisy - those that (secretly or not-so-secretly) masturbate furiously to lesbian porn, and those that (exclusively secretly) masturbate furiously to gay male porn.
This neo-Nazi group in Poland that has adopted a "gay image" as their official anti-gay party logo. RIGHT. See? Male-male anal sex. It won't be an image of two lesbians performing oral sex on each other. How could it? These dudes no doubt LOVE watching lesbians have sex.

There are the fear-based factors: guys see male-male affection as a betrayal of gender. But not female-female affection because females only exist to sexually arouse straight males anyway ( in their minds...). So lesbians are fine because women aren't persons - they're just sex objects. This is why conservatives don't like the idea of women breast-feeding their infants in public: to them, breasts are sexual things. They're not, you know, those things nature intended to be used to feed the young. They object to a "woman breastfeeding" - forgetting it's about a child's right to be fed.
A straight man who is confident in himself and his attractions will not have any objection to gay males, male nudity, or male sexuality. Why? He's secure in who he is, and what he is, and nothing can shake that. The insecurities come from those who find an arousal toward members of the same gender; an arousal that they don't understand or cannot reconcile. Now, I'm not saying they're gay, or even classically bisexual - but there's an arousal. If you watch heterosexual pornography as a heterosexual man you are going to see other men in high states of sexual arousal and relief. Men are OBSESSED with phalluses. You're watching another dude with a girl. You might be watching 5 dudes with a girl. You can't freak out and say "eww, I saw another guy naked." How on earth do you survive looking in a mirror each day, or showering at a gym? It makes no sense to be repulsed by your OWN gender or sex - that's a fear-based reaction related to a societal fear of "being gay." Ugh.
But that's another story ;-) Back to the lesbians!!

The Average Joe guys that "hate fags" sure do love watching two smokin'-hot lesbians eating muff, and the Public Figure (be they political and/or religious) guys that preach anti-gay hatred sure love getting caught with their ankles in the air and a big fat cock up their ass. Or their lips on a bone in a public bathroom. Whatever.

It's the same old fucking story. They hate the gays, as long as it's men. Or they publicly hate gays because in secret they love men....a lot. You know, the way Hamlet loved his mother. A lot.

From this comes the miserable reality of their lousy nonexistent sex lives. These anti-gay women are not getting oral sex. They're not. Look at them. North Carolina congresswoman Virginia Foxx, porno-ready name aside, clearly hasn't had her beaver beaten or eaten since the end of Segregation. Her crazy ass probably thinks there's a direct connection, after all she's the one who claims that Integration was accomplished by Conservatives with little to no help from Liberals. Yeah..... sure, lady.
Oklahoma State Rep Sally Kern has made numerous appallingly anti-gay comments, including comparisons to bestiality. Now, in all fairness, bestiality is a subject Kern knows very well because her husband married a pig. NOM head Maggie Gallagher had a child out of wedlock in the 1980s, and has spent the last nearly-thirty years "atoning" for her sin by being as anti-gay as possible. She's also not had an orgasm in decades, as her vagina disappeared many years ago under what is known in some circles as a "gunt" (Google it...) It's been so long since she's seen it that technically her vagina has been declared legally dead.
Take Michele Bachmann (take her, PLEASE! haha). Now, Michele Bachmann's husband is not gay, but he is a closeted homosexual (there's a difference) who likely can only pound her if he rubs vaseline over his eyes, squints real hard, and tries to pretend that she's actually Matt Frewer circa 1995. (*Google It*) Bachmann is, of course, unable to enjoy much of anything as a broomstick is perpetually lodged up her ass, but the sad fact is the woman clearly hasn't had a tongue on her big bony meatflaps in decades. It's actually kind of sad. An orgasm, a real good earthshaking orgasm, could truly turn her life around. When you're getting satisfying sex in your own life you tend to not be so focused on imagining about the sex lives of others and then be angry at what you imagine they're doing.
These poor ladies are not getting oral sex, which many married women state is the only way they're able to achieve orgasm with their husbands, and thus are not having orgasms. At all. No wonder they're angry at the gays - our orgasms ROCK!

As for the males, you either get the ones whose uptight wives won't suck cock and thus they retreat to the world of online porn, or you get the males whose wives *would* suck their cocks but unfortunately their husbands can only get it up for the men they view via online porn.

Either way, neither group is actually anti-gay. They're just ashamed of how pro-gay they actually are.

Like I said, pathetic.

Love, Little Kiwi

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Shannon1981 said...

I firmly believe that Marcus and Michele met one another at an ex gay therapy clinic. Michele was caught hiding in a lesbian's bush(pun intended). Sally Kern, Maggie Gallagher, and Virginia Foxx wouldn't know what an orgasm is because, you're right, it's just been that long. I could show them how, but, you know...I like keeping what little lunch I eat these days down.

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