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Little Kiwi and Bauhaus
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Monday, 1 July 2013

Pride 2013

Oh, t'was a lovely celebration!
With a song in our hearts in support for our friends south of the border, as this week saw a much-needed leap in progress (buh-bye DOMA!) there was much to celebrate.

And this year, my Mum was the Grand Marshal of the Toronto Pride Parade.  I can't even deal with that.  I'd always figured it would happen one day, just never thought that one day would be so soon! GLORIOUS!
The joy of the parade, as popular as ever, and the absolutely incredible turn out for Friday's Trans March which was so inspiring.  It was a wonderful reminder of just how much strength and love exists in the diverse communities that we LGBT folks and our allies make up.

I'm in wrecked recovery mode today.  And it's Canada Day, to boot, so methinks the plans will involve my couch, Super Nintendo, some take-out and some buddies.   Lovesit.

As usual, marching with PFLAG remains the most incredible thing.  Seeing these wonderful parents and family members, out in support of not just their own blood, but the entire community; such love.  Truly gives me hope that future generations will be welcomed into this world with open minds and open hearts, instead of shut Closet doors.

Seeing pro-Equality teachers from the Ontario Catholic Schoolboard, proudly proclaiming their support of their LGBTQ students: INSPIRED!

Oh, such a day.  Such a wonderful wonderful day.

Here are a few snippets of the radness that was Pride Sunday :D


Choklit Daddy said...

You need to stop being so damn hot. Just QUIT it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Someone may be messing with your name at Towleroad

This is the second set of comments I've seen recently.

It's likely Queer Supremacist. He did the same to me re trans folks, if you remember.
Bill Perdue

Little Kiwi said...

anonymous cowards with no balls will always be bitterly angry at the visible and vocal life i lead.

it's ok. doesnt' affect me, and doesn't make their lives better.

Anonymous said...

Oh hey, I see already this has happened before, but someone's at it again:

I don't know what Andy Towle can do about this (and a criticism I have of him is that he doesn't seem to care). Anyhow just wanted to bring this to your attention.


Jack Blair said...


Posted response at YouTube. Please be advised that I do not take into consideration dictated specs for any of my projects.

As for my video's length, keep in mind that glacial misconceptions must be sublimated away, one frozen crystal at a time.

Regards, JB

RaygunsGoZap! said...

Hi! I've benn following you at JMG and have developed a bad case of the smittens. I post there as Robert Reagan, which is my name. I'd love to pen pal around.

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