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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Hidden Talents

Ok, since the beginning of the concept of "celebrity", undeserving celebutards have attempted to crossover into the music scene. Some were spectacular failures and some were insanely well received. Some were so bad they were forgotten. And some were so fucking good that it literally feels like a crime against art that they were not properly recognised.
Milla Jovovich falls into the latter category.
Milla Jovovich. Model. Actress. Singer/Songwriter. "The Divine Comedy" was Milla's 1994 album of absolutely incredible folk-world-pop. She wrote every fucking song. And her vocals are not only more than competent, they're downright superb and reverberate with true artistry and passion.
Milla Fucking Jovovich. For real.
I've had the album since I was in my teens and whenever I play the album for people, they're always shocked that it's Milla.
"The chick from The Fifth Element??" "Thet Revlon model???"
Yeah. And she's fucking amazing. Here's a clip of here, singing live, and I think it speaks for itself. She's like a Tori Amos meets Bjork meets Joni, and she's like 17/18 when this was recorded. Amazing stuff.

Wow, eh? And why didn't more people know about this? Why are we subjected to the inane and largely contemptuous vanity projects from such twats as Lindsay Lohan? Heck, even Eddie Murphy's abysmal "Party all the Time" managed to make the charts, and it SUCKKKKED!
Scarlett Johannson releases and album of Tom Waits covers. Lindsay Lohan has released THREE albums. THREE. Bruce Willis had two. Eddie Furlong ( the snot-nosed twerp from T2: Judgement Day) cut an album in China, as did Alyssa Milano, and a bunch of soap opera girls n'guys whom I've never heard of, and can't be bothered to look up right now (google it if you care enough to question me).
Crappy crap crap, but it made money. That's just annoying. Like, Jennifer J.Lo Lopez. Successful albums. MILLIONS sold. But does anyone consider her a "singer"? A songwriter? She's neither. She's a BRAND NAME. And then here we have this absolute gem of an album from Milla, a genuine piece of artistry, free from the commercialized 'spin' of target demographics and marketing, and nobody freaking knows about it.
It's like a beautiful secret I've been able to share with friends for years. Have a listen, and if you like it (which, if you have any sense at all, you will) you should check out the album.
The Divine Comedy, by Milla.

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