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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Crazy Closeted Andrew Shirvell

Interactions with Andrew Shirvell - Cyber Bully, Bigot and Closeted Homosexual.

September 16 at 6:55pm My Message to Andrew on Facebook.
I mean it's bad enough that you're a pathetic online cyberbully but the really tragic part of it is that it's just so brutally painfully OBVIOUS that you're gay too!

Do you really think this is gonna fly, Sugar? It's TEXTBOOK! Every time you closet-case Republican cowards conducts a pathetic, bigoted and baseless witchhunt against LGBT people, it makes it clear as day that you think nobody will notice how gay YOU are. You all think it's a disguise.
"Oh, i know, I'll be really really anti-gay! That way NOBODY will ever suspect me!"
You're in for a big shock, little man. You're brutally, painfully, obviously gay. And the more you attack those who are Out, the deeper you're gonna dig youself into this hole. And that PATHETIC blog you run? It's gonna come back to haunt you. Big time. Throughout the rest of professional and personal life. You're just royally screwed yourself, kiddo. How do you want to be remembered? What do you think your legacy will be? You're on the losing side of history, and worse, you're a total Jewcatcher. Remember them? Selling out their own kind to the Gestapo, passing for gentiles, so that they could avoid their own persecution? That's you, man. And it's painfully obvious.

So what's your plan? Gonna keep up the charade until your own computer gets confiscated, the files are examined and your own truth Comes Out? It could happen. Keep being a cyber-bully and maybe someone will have reason to suspect you of criminal activity. Bring the whole house of cards down, eh?

It's bad enough to be a bigot in this day and age. Shameful, really. You'd be looked back on in history with the same embarrassment and disgust reserved for those who opposed Integration and fought against the Civil Rights Movement.

But you're something worse. You're a gay man who hates being gay so much that he promotes anti-gay bigotry as part of his disguise. You have blood on your hands, Andrew.

You were born a gay man. You will die a gay man. Nothing will ever change that. No matter what lies you tell, or what hatred you promote. You will always always always be a gay man. The sad thing is, you're choosing to hide and hurt others, when you could be a part of the solution to end prejudice and injustice in America.

What will be your legacy? Cowardice and shame and bigotry, or redemption?

You're fooling no one. Time is limited. You can't hide forever. Sooner or later, the truth always Comes Out.
Andrew Shirvell September 25 at 6:58pm Report
Wow, you’re such a wind-bag, Raymond! You're also a disordered SODOMITE (that's why u think everyone else is, too). SHAMEFUL!
Raymond September 25 at 11:51pm
"sodomite" means what, exactly?
what specific acts do you think all gay people do that no straight people do? do you think it's about specific sex acts? if so, which ones?

you spend a lot of time thinking about what gay men are doing. very odd ;-)

today my sodomite lifestyle involved dinner with friends, a theatre show, groceries and a trip to the library.
what's sinful about that?

keep it up, coward. it'll be your undoing.
Raymond September 26 at 12:07am
and expect that everyone on your friends list, and all your family, will be informed of your shady doings.

so much for working against "Cyber-Bullying", eh? Can dish it but you can't take it?

If you keep it up, well, the harder you'll fall. You're fooling no one.
Andrew Shirvell September 26 at 12:12am Report
They all know about my "controversial" blog, you idiot. Everyone is very supportive. So good luck with your harassment campaign, Raymond.

P.S. Face it, now you're just getting plain pathetic!
Raymond September 26 at 12:14am
there's nothing pathetic about living a life of honesty and integrity while calling out a cowardly bigoted bully.

enjoy your blog, enjoy digging yourself deeper into a hole. i pity you. of course you're anti-gay. your family would disown you if they knew the truth. that's too bad.
my parents and i march in the pride parade together every year. im sorry you don't know what it's like to be loved and accepted for who you are.

so, keep up the blog. it's not gonna hurt Andrew. it is, however, going to seal your fate. you're never going to amount to anything in politics because of this.

you've lost.
Andrew Shirvell September 26 at 12:18am Report
Oh, yeah, hahahahah! P.S. I will be on some national news programs next week! Everyone will know about Armstrong now!!! So, unless you want to be featured next on the blog, I would suggest you leave me be and let sleeping dogs lie, ok, Miss Raymond?
Raymond September 26 at 12:46am
what don't you get? us openly gay guys don't care if people know that we're gay. we ENJOY our lives! you lie about Armstrong. flat-out. you're OBSESSED with him. this is going to come back to haunt you BIG TIME, bucko. You're never going to be taken seriously. Ever.
"Miss Raymond?" nice. good old fashioned misogyny, eh? And that proves my point, too: you're a closet case. Calling me "Miss" isn't an insult. I don't think females are lower or lesser than males. It's an insult to you, because you think less of women, and you're terrified of being associated with anything 'gay', even fun use of female pronouns. Because you're a closet case. You keep proving me right.
You're on my blog, I might as well be on yours :-) I have nothing to hide; a life of honesty, integrity and a life's work standing up against bigoted cowardly bullies like you.

And all these conversations here? Recorded. Saved. Posted.

Thanks. You do our work for us.

EDIT - after all this went down, Shirvell was taken to court. And he was found guilty.  This blog post was used as part of the court case against him and I'm very happy that Armstrong continues to flourish in life while Shirvell is destined for nothing - except paying millions for defamation and harassment.

Monday, 20 September 2010

When This World Gets Too Crazy....

.....I have to remind myself that I have another home up north, in a country where freedom and equality are realities, not dreams. And there's a family and there are friends, and there's a hairy little lady with a wet nose and a big heart and I love them all.

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