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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

That's Just Racism

Oh, look. Another gay racist. *barfs all over his own cock*

I don't even know where to begin with how ugly this is. Now, I'm going to ignore the put-to-rest body fascist that lived inside me once upon a time, because as I've lived and learned I've grown to appreciate and see beauty in all shapes and sizes. It's not what you have, it's how you are about it, how you carry yourself.

But LORD is it hard, as bitch makes it way too easy with his food analogies. With all those dietary restrictions one can only wonder what he IS eating and exactly how much? Does this look like a man who has ever turned down food? What *does* he like? White bread sandwiches with lots of ham and mayo?

Ok, enough. I don't like body-facism, but I also don't like racism and this dude just made it too easy.



Unknown said...

How about whale? Will he eat that?

Heidi said...

I am a fat girl, but trust me, the fat jokes are completely acceptable in this case :)

readycarlos said...

I'm a big boy, too. There is a difference between being fat and acting fat. I learned a long time ago that wallowing in your self-pity is like man-repellent. Love yourself, and the boys who love BIG BOYS will find you.:)

This fool has never missed a meal, regardless of its ethnicity. Yet he lashes out with stupid racial BS! He needs to learn that cute comes in all colors AND sizes.

Anonymous said...

i think he is just telling everybody he's finally decided to go on a diet.

Anonymous said...

on a diet of what ???

Anonymous said...

People like this really gross me out. It is always so interesting on grindr and connection gay sites people a vulgar rude and bitchy. I've had someone on grindr be super judgmental towards my body type and whether I was femme or not femme and turn around and hit on my in a bar. Super funny. "gay world" completely disappoints me. We want nothing but acceptance and to be able to be ourselves, yet we torture each others flaws/differences we see. Whatever happened to actually connecting and falling in love, or even just. Getting to know someone and accept them as a friend, or just simply a human being.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't talking about diet at all, he was being race specific.
Fried chicken-black
Rice- Asian
Curry- Thai/middle eastern
Tacos- Hispanic

Which is stupid, all he really had to say was that he prefers or is only attracted white guys.

Racism at its finest.


Anonymous said...

Beauty is in the eye of tye beholder and since his personality is as bad as his looks, im sure this guy is desperate sucker for white guys... Lol wish death upon guys like this seriously

Anonymous said...

Curiously this has been my bane since I came out. I physically respond to one physical type. The same type I grew up around. With out mentioning what type, I have been accused of being racist because I dont sleep with any other type. I am not at all sure if I am alone in this. However, I suspect we each have a 'type' that blows us away. After my first love, I dated 2 more men before I found my permenant partner who I still love huge. My experience with men has obviously been limited, I have always felt I was very lucky in meeting the forever person within 4 years of coming out. This guy is way more then satisfied.

Anonymous said...

he should of just specified that he likes plain mash potatoe.

torie grant said...

This just reminds me of the white only signs in the southern and boarder states of America and the no blacks, no dogs and no Irish signs that were put up in bed & breakfast establishments in the UK during the 50s and 60s and maybe even earlier. There is nothing wrong in have a preference but dismissing people based on their race and ethnicity is racist. I work in the escort business and some of my fellow escorts want see non white clients but they will swear that they are not racist. When it comes to attraction we are influenced by the society/culture we live in. We live in a world where white standards of beauty are judged to be the norm, so if you do not fit into that narrow frame some people will think that you are not sexually desirable and add racist stereotypes to the mix e.g black women are ugly, loud and aggressive - hence not feminine and Asian men are effeminate you have a recipe where people are going to exclude a whole group of people. That's racist.

Eric Fletcher said...

It's really quite sad..... Being black with lighter skin complexion and mixed features I catch an occasional break from these "preferences" but still face them on the regular. I think demographics and the area has a lot to do with it. Ultimately I want to end up North or West in a major metropolitan area where there tend to be more diversity and open minded people, not to mention far better options! People are going to be people none the less wherever u go and gays are NO exception to that! For every person that turns me down for my skin color, there's just as many if not more out there that won't!

Anonymous said...

Hello Little Kiwi... my name is Miko... Are we able to converse privately first ... regarding racism because being discriminated constantly myself and seeing the number of racist, either ill-informed or closeted or even blatant racist people need to be changed... maybe not in this life time but it has to start somewhere.

I am so fascinated by the number of people stating preference and what they really mean is exclusion of to cover their racism.

They even made excuses saying that because I am Asian and "can't get a fuck" is the reason for my stance.

What is the best way to exchange emails or maybe skype? my skype is theavatar2

Blake Okafor said...

That is a crudely(but funny) profile. BUT...

I see nothing wrong with racial preferences. I say this as a black man who strongly prefers whites.

I lack a lot of self confidence, but my race has never been a source of that, so don't give me any of that self loathing crap, if anything I loathe myself for other reasons.

Little Kiwi said...

Well, unfortunately Blake that is the textbook example of self-loathing. It's not crap. Take any university or college course in human sexuality studies and you'll learn this. Your comments on my blog show a distinct lack of understanding of the realities of sociology, how a straight-and-white worshipping culture affects self-image, and our image of others.

sailornaruto39 said...

I could've sworn THIS is the definition of self hatred:an extreme dislike or hatred of oneself

Little Kiwi said...

@ SailorNaruto - No, that's not the definition of Self-Hatred. There must be a library in Katy Texas, where you are right now, that has sociology books on the roots of Self-Hatred and its many manifestations. Time to get educated. Your confusion seems to be stemming from your lack of understanding of what self-hatred actually is.

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