Little Kiwi and Bauhaus

Little Kiwi and Bauhaus
A Boy and His Dog

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Hangovers, Dogs and Why Catholicism Sucks

The secret really is more booze. Just kidding. It's Pot! And that's the truth. *phhhthhhhbbbbbt*
HAHAHA! Edith-Ann. :-)
But seriously, this is a video of three hungover dudes. At the lakehouse, new years' day, hungover to high heaven, downing coffee and advil liquigels like there's no tomorrow.*

*(Ok, and nobody get all Dr. Know-it-All on me about the dangers of taking advil on a liver-damaged hungover system. I don't give a fuck if I hurt my liver, I just want my headache to go away so I can resume drinking again as soon as possible. You should just be happy I'm not behaving like that cokehead I used to date and snorting line after line of blow instead)

Anyway, it seemed to work, because in no time we were out romping on the frozen lake, as documented in a previous post and soon to be followed by the world premier of our Antarctic Single Ladies music video which I'm currently in the process of editing.

I just wanted to post this video because whenever people hear "pitbull" they freak out like I said "nazi child-molesting cannibal priest" or some shit. Hahah, did I just say what I think I said? I think I did. Hahaha. How redundant. Everyone knows priests are just child-fucking Nazis who eat human flesh. It's just common knowledge.
And don't get all sanctimonious on me and defend those kidfuckers. The Catholic Church should be able to keep its own fucking nose clean before it goes around criticizing any other groups of people.
But anyway, back to my main thesis which is "Pitbulls are Reflections of Their Owners". For example, Bauhaus (not her real name) is the cutest, most lovable creature ever. Just like her owners. And she only attacks people who vote Conservative. Just like her owners. And she can lick her own privates. Just like....well....*sigh*.........not anymore.
Anyway, enjoy.

So yeah. Pitbulls are adorable, loyal and loving dogs that will externally reflect the internal nature of their owners, Hangovers suck, but advil, Pepto Bismol (Cherry!), weed and good friends sure can make all the difference, and Roman Catholicism is a hypocritical and archaic institution that exists solely to keep itself and the men who run it adorned in frilly frocks and jewels, all the while condemning those who are 'different'. Seriously. That is all.
Love, Little Kiwi

Little Kiwi Loves Bauhaus

Little Kiwi Loves Bauhaus
Good Dog!