Little Kiwi and Bauhaus

Little Kiwi and Bauhaus
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Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Condescension Festival of Late-Nite Television

Ahhh....late-nite TV. So tacky they refer to it with improper spelling. *sighhhh*
Nite. Cuz dats how it looks like it should be spelled. The programming? Who cares? Tit movies. Car movies. Exploding Car & Tit movies. Starring Richard Greico (*yum*).
Or Shannon Tweed. Who I think fucking rocks. For real. She's totally rad.

But anyway, late-nite tv is condescending. Once it's past 1am, the networks don't care. The advertisers don't care. You see shitty shows and shittier commercials. This is the domain of the non-union (ie, not SAG or ACTRA) performer. Horrid *actors* that were hired at a casting at a club in downtown Detroit one night inform you of the fun of "Party Lines*, trying in vain to hide their brrrrrrrrrrutal local accents.
Commercials for smoking-addiction cures. Commercial after commercial asking if I've been in an auto accident, have outstanding traffic fees, or need a good,cheap criminal lawyer or perhaps a community college. Wow. The TV thinks so highly of me.
The shows are dumber, and the commercials are literally selling their products phonetically - each one talking at me like I'm softly retarded or something.
Advertisers pay for when their commercials air. They're looking to reach their target demographic. Apparently, people who watch COPS at 2:30AM have outstanding warrants, need to go to college, need a lawyer, are bad drivers, and smoke too much.
Who are we kidding, they're probably right, but it's still a marked difference from primetime programming.
I love the little differences.

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