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Little Kiwi and Bauhaus
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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Republican Bigotry - 2010


Katherine said...

How true...

Also, for Republicans to argue that Liberals are racists is futile. One only has to look as far back as the last election to see the hypocrisy in such arguments. The Republican party handed out fliers to Black voters in Philadelphia (among other places) with the WRONG election date to stifle their votes. Ok guys, these are the kinds of people you are voting into office, not 100 years ago, but NOW. Pretty scary.

Amon said...

dude! I don't know you from a hole in the wall but I LOVE you for this!

enoch said... is rather surreptitious and underhanded the way such a vocal minority can seem like such a big problem. That's the old problem of living in a society that with a fair chance will usually vote populace and democratic. Most Americans are liberal minded whether they know it or not. As far as the Republican base we have to remember that right now they are really very fractured themselves. And it hasn't been the usual tactics of "breaking a voting bloc" (although yes the effort is being made). I think what highlights the phenomenon of what is actually occurring in the republic base is best described by Kenneth Galbraith in his book "the Predator State": Mainly the republic party during the Bush administration was sick with power and thereby alienated the conservative base in Academia and society. That's what led up to the wholesale migration during the last mid terms. So I think for sanity we must remember that what we are seeing is not necessarily what is real in the conservative republican base. What we see is a reactionary tendency that is by and large made up of some people considered more powerfully yes men and woman, and a small vocal loyal minority making a lot of noise.

The Bull's Eye said...

Yay.... firing with both barrels.

For me, it boils down to one core problem: the Neocon Republicans are deeply out of touch with reality. And it starts with religious training and emotional abuse. (Exhibit A: If you believe that virgin birth crap, you'll believe ANY old thing.)

And therein lies the seed of their insanity -- and of their self-hatred. They've taken total fiction and made it into a concrete fact.

They are little more than children, since their reality is constructed from fables -- which follow no logical rules. Hence, they really don't know WHAT to believe until their parents/leaders tell them.

And to make a child's world feel "safe," they need to identify an enemy. it used to be blacks, now it's gays. If they didn't have gays they'd find someone else to hate.

These are mostly -- though not entirely -- old white people. And whereas the most frustrating part of this is that they reproduce, the most satisfying thing is that they grow old and die.

Love your work, kid. Keep it up.

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