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Sunday, 8 August 2010

4:41am Stoned Thoughts on Gay Republicans

I like to call them "Jewcatchers" myself. Apparently that's an "offensive" term. I thought that was the whole point of using such words with a sense of irony - you shock and educate at the same time. Anyway, back to my main thesis: Gay Republicans Have Capers For Testes.
That will be a song, at some point, in that musical I keep meaning to write but never get around to even starting.

Now, the thoughts!
Are All Gay Republicans Self-loathing?
(the following text is in uber-university style all-lower case angst-font)

anyone that tries to avoid being discriminated against by helping, or sitting back and WATCHING, while the people they support direct anti-gay bigotry at OTHERS is not only self-loathing, but a coward.

and if there are still people here who think that legalizing Gay Marriage *only* affects LGBT people who want to get married, or that DADT *only* causes problems for LGBT people who want to serve in the military...well...those people need to wake up - government-sanctioned anti-gay discrimination affects ALL of us.

when a country has laws that exist solely to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST LGBT PEOPLE then that country will never be freed from an oppressive majority of anti-gay bigots.

for real.
so are they all self-hating? not necessarily, although more than often likely many are.
most are simply lazy, greedy, selfish, gay with white privilege and complacent.
a few others are pussy-whipped little bigots themselves, who try to win the affection of their racist white Christian parents by joining them in voting GOP. "don't worry ma and pa, i still hate blacks and muslims, i'm a'vote GOP with you and maybe one day you'll like me again"
Many simply sit on their asses and choose not to "care" about LGBT Equality Issues. They don't fight for them, they don't champion them, and they don't have the backbone to express how important these Human Civil Rights issues are, because doing so would cause them to be seen as one of those "lefty-liberal activist queers", and they don't want that. oh, no no no.

but a lot are self-loathing, and base their entire sense of self-worth on "not doing what other gays do", which to their pea-brains means voting Republican. These wimps are often very bitter and angry towards "stereotypical" gay males, too. Why? Because their bigoted parents are, and they need to side with their bigoted parents to save their own asses. Cowards, cowards, cowards. GOProud recently hosted a 'homocon' with Ann Coulter speaking. Their promo-slogan: "Our gays are more butch than their straights" - again proving me right; they're obsessed with gender-norms, and appearing "like real men", because those are the ideas spouted and promoted by their bigoted families.
Oh, and GOProud and the website "Gay Patriot" are both against Gay Marriage. For real. "Gay Patriot" and its members are against gay marriage. GOProud chooses to "not get involved in what they feel is a State's issue..." - but both take their stance for the same pathetic reason: fighting for gay marriage would piss of the people they align themselves with.
Thus, we have gay men who cut off their own balls as an offering to the Republican Bullies they're desperate to be accepted by. "I cut off my balls, I'm not like those other gays, I promise to do what you say, so please leave me alone! I'll help you insult those other Liberal gays!"
Fucking Embarrassing.

There was comment made on a youtube video of mine about addressing bigotry in the Republican Party. The comment was made by a young gay republican. First he commented on how "wrong" my video was, and that the GOP was not bigoted. Then he said he supported DOMA, because "gays don't need to marry." Then he said "Republicans have a right to hate gays! freedom of speech!" *so right there we know boy isn't firing on all cylinders, he officially doesn't actually know what he's talking about*
But his final comment (and he left quite a few) was this: "I'm not oppressed because I agree with them."

My point exactly. You slap yourself in the face in hopes they won't slap you. You shoot yourself first so that they don't shoot you. You swallow their hate and go along with their bigotry, and that way they don't direct their anti-gay hate at YOU, but at "those other gays."

It's actually sad what a person like that gets reduced to.

and remember: if you can tell gay guys that you're a republican, but can't tell all your fellow republicans that you're gay, then you need to sit and think about what that means for a few hours.

My friend Christian is a bit more direct:

"Two types of gay republicans come to mind:

1) The self-loathing homosexual who compartmentalizes his sexuality and attempts to minimize the role it plays in his and other gay people's public status

2) The money-grubbing libertarian who supposedly believes in civil liberties, but not in any kind of social obligation to fund, resource, or enable their creation or protection.

I'm kind of in love with him.

Love, Little Kiwi


Mister Chris™ said...

Lol. I love you - and this is so true. <3 *muah*

kevieboy65 said...

i so agree with what you said in this blog.. i agree with everything you said and agree that republicans are going to burn themselves in the long run.. Right on!!!

renee said...

I have been reading your comments/threads Raymond and to be honest, You are one of hell a passionate Guy, Always consistent in everything you write and believe. "You really are something" A Guy somewhere will be very lucky to have you. God Bless!!!


Anonymous said...

hey Kiwi: check my replies on the post. I got your back. Your style or mine for that matter may not make friends but then again it depends on what your definition of friend is.

Anonymous said...

Democrat or Republican, neither party has given gays equal rights. The only gay activist group that is exercising the full capacity of the law is the Log Cabin Republicans. They took DADT to court and won; they financially supported the repeal of Prop 8 and won, and are now prepping to challenge DOMA in the Supreme Court.
At what point will it be OK to be a gay Republican? I’m not a gay Republican, but I’m not a believer of fighting one extreme with another. However, I love your passion and am grateful to have you on my side.

Little Kiwi said...

Sorry, Boulder, but your comment is actually incorrect.

Actually and factually incorrect. At what point will it be ok to be a Gay Republican? Don't ask me, ask your parents. Oh, you probably think I don't know who you are...well...I do.

Don't ask me when it will be ok to be a Gay Republican, look at the actual facts and statistics. There are fewer pro-LGBT Republicans in office than there are anti-LGBT Democrats.

That's factual reality. The block of NO against every pro-LGBT measure in the last 2 years? GOP. GOP voting as a block against LGBT Equality at every turn.

So, while I appreciate your attempt to be 'fair', i don't appreciate nor respect your incorrect statements and disregarding of the truth.

Don't ask me when it will be ok to be a gay republican, ask the Republicans in your life when they're going to start demanding LGBT-Supportive candidates and policies. Continuing to say "oh, i don't vote on one issue" is nonsense, as is your assertion that "only the Log Cabin Republicans" have done anything.

Revisions of history play well in some company, but don't shove that bullshit down my throat.

Peter said...

Why do you bother with the psychos at America's Dumbest Homosexual™'s website, I used to go over there and poke them with a sharp stick but it quickly became boring. Really, you should stop wasting your time with those losers. You'd have a lot more fun over at Sadly,No!

Rob said...

"Obama, according to his book, Dreams Of My Father, is a racist and I have no problem with black racists...See, I’m a leftist. I’m not a rightist. I hate the transnational corporations far more than any black person." -Tom Metzger, White Aryan Resistance

Tell me again who the racist bigots are?

Little Kiwi said...

Anyone who reads Obama's book and comes away thinking that he's a racist.


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