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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Shitting on the First Amendment! The Musical

Success! After massive public pressure that these idiots shouldn't have been surprised by, Shirvell has been suspended from his job. Firing soon to follow. And he seemed so boastful to me, and so self-righteous on CNN, eh?
Aw, Mary. ;-)
So, the investigation into Shirvell begins. His computers should be seized and their contents examined. I think we all know what those harddrives are going to contain....
And, in advance, let me just say right now that NO, none of it was for "research purposes"...

Oh Andrew seems that you never learned that resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die?


Tripe said...

And I'll bet all those images in his, ahem, art appreciation folder, will feature young fellas who don't look unlike Chris Armstrong. ;)

shadowlad said...


Inspector13 said...

i sent the shirvell person this in his email.

is the assistant attorney general of michigan part of a secret gay cabal within the religious right determined to bring them down through excessive behavior and thus exposing them for the hate mongers they are? why will he not address this? what has he got to hide? this man is PERSECUTING this kid in the public square BECAUSE HE IS GAY. and we have to accept it that he will not be terminated from his position within the public trust. he was a political hire. why must we accept this? this is not free speech. this is the persecution of one single person in the public square by the PUBLIC SERVANT. a person he selected to persecute DUE TO ONE ASPECT OF THE PERSONS BEING. this is the very definition of a hate crime. and cox thinks this guy has every right to persecute this young man IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE without reprisal. this violates the public trust. THE PUBLIC SQUARE IS WHERE THEY BURNED THE WITCHES. and that is what this guy is doing.

Inspector13 said...

i just sent this to mike cox:

Mr. Cox,

You need to resign your position. You have violated the public trust with your defense of the indefensible. YOU HIRED THIS MAN AS A POLITICAL HIRE. You KNEW exactly what sort of person he was. It is part of your very own anti gay agenda. YOU WORK FOR GARY GLENN AND NOT THE PEOPLE OF MICHIGAN!


Andrew Shirvell is no bettert than Sarah Palin's WITCH HUNTER! He is doing exactly what the witch hunter does.

Resign in the shame you should be in for allowing this!

Inspector13 said...

i sent this to shirvell:

Mr. Shirvell,

I find it obvious that all you are doing is trying to set up a test case to overturn hate crime laws which protect gays.

I am aware that the Michigan Family Association got laughed out of court over the issue and need a martyr for the cause.

It seems that you have signed up for this position. You said it all when you mentioned the Alliance Defense Fund.

What you are doing is unchristian and inhuman.

I watched your interview with Anderson Cooper. It made me realize that all the comments on the web about you being a self loathing closet case were most probably true. No denials on your part will ever be believed as it is OBVIOUS.

You hate this young man because he is everything you will never ever in a million years be, attractive, charming, likeable, and popular.

It is time for you to pack up and end your scheme. As a citizen of this state I do not know why I should have to tollerate the likes of you in an unelected position.

BTW I wouldn't go touting Ave Maria law school. That joint is a joke just like Pat Robertson's diploma mill.

You need to resign.

And do not even think of attacking me. THAT is against the law.

Inspector13 said...

shirvell talks about the gay agenda. here is my copy of it. feel free to pass it around.


get a gay guy an emmy for playing straight

get a gay woman an emmy for playing straight

get a straight guy an emmy for playing gay

get a gay guy an emmy for playing sheldon the funniest character on television

get fred the movie on television

get anderson cooper to interview a raging closet case homophobe and draw national outrage


Inspector13 said...

some say shirvell looks like pee wee herman. but i think he looks like dr. bunson honeydew from teh muppets be fore he went bald.

Inspector13 said...

i am so sick of shirvell being defended as political speech. there is nothing political about it except his claim. slander and libel are not protected and not political.

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