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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What Company Do You Keep?


ThatGayConservative said...

Could you provide the McCain quote that you're referring to?

Little Kiwi said...

I never said it was a quote. So that's your Cowardly Republican Self-Hating-Gay Mistake Number 1.

Have you listened to what McCain has said?
He's against LGBT people serving openly in the military. Why? What possible logical, factual, reasonable and intelligent arguments has he given?
Do you not look at the countries that allow LGBT Citizens to serve openly, and then the ones that do not, and put it together?

Bigotry. John McCain believes that allowing the currently-serving LGBT members of the military to not have to LIE will cause the military to fall apart. How could it, unless he believes that bigotry is more important to the majority of soldiers than integrity, liberty, justice, freedom, compassion and honour?

Can you name one Republican Senator that supports and PROMOTES actual Equality for the LGBT Community?

I bet you can't even name one. But by all means, prove me wrong.


ThatGayConservative said...

First of all, there's nobody that I know of at GP who opposes the repeal. You came in making multiple ASSertions that we did. That was liberal a-hole mistake #1. Then you repeatedly attacked all of us without knowing a damn thing about us and then when NDT threw it back in your face, you got your panties in a bunch and ran off crying. That was liberal a-hole mistake #2.

Yes I have listened to McCain. To my knowledge, he has NEVER said that he's against gays serving openly. That's why I asked you to provide a quote. In your silly little video, you proceed to tell us what McCain is saying, but you provide NO references to back up your ASSertion. That's liberal a-hole mistake #3.

He has said that we should listen to the soldiers and commanders and do a thorough investigation into whether or not it could and should be done. He has also said we shouldn't play political games with the matter just like Chairman Obama and Harry Reid just did.

You keep ASSerting that McCain is a bigot. Based on what? You won't tell us.

As to the Republican Senators, I believe it was Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe who were prepared to vote for repeal until Reid decided to play games with gays. Gays just got thrown under the bus by Reid and Obama and you're pissing and moaning about Republicans. That's liberal a-hole mistake #4.

The reality is that there's a LOT of Republican Senators who do more for gays than the liberals do. They just don't pander or use some lame-assed "equality" buzzword that's totally meaningless.

So, back up your claims INCLUDING your attacks on the GP readers or just be a sniveling, lying liberal POS.

ThatGayConservative said...

How many liberal Senators are opposed to higher taxes on gay businesses and individuals?

How many liberal Senators are opposed to increased government regulations on gay businesses?

How many liberal Senators are in favor of gays doing what they want with the money THEY earned with regard to retirement?

How many liberal Senators support allowing gays to pass on their Socialist Stupidity benefits to their partners?

ThatGayConservative said...

And another thing, as you put it, it was some of those ball less, self-hating, cowardly, racists with racist parents who sued the federal government. Further, it was Chairman Obama's DOJ who FOUGHT to keep DADT.

Where were your beloved liberals on that one, eh hoser?

Nice job trashing Greece in your little video, btw.

Little Kiwi said...

I repeat. Name one GOP Senator that supports and PROMOTES Equality for the LGBT Community.

I'm waiting.


Little Kiwi said...

Oh, and I didn't "run off crying", you guys complained and got the website "Gay Patriot", which claims to care about "Free Speech", to ban me.
I got banned, but you allowed hateful anti-gay commenters to stay, because they (like you) are racist and hate Obama.

So, thanks for proving me right. Yet again!

Little Kiwi said...

"The reality is that there's a LOT of Republican Senators who do more for gays than the liberals do."

Name ONE. Name One.
LGBT Equality. That means Marriage Equality. Employment and Housing non-Discrimination. Adoption Rights. Open Military Service. Equality isn't a bone tossed here or there. So, I'm curious.

Snowe? Close. VERY Close. But remember, she voted Voted YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage.

ThatGayConservative said...

I answered your question now be so kind and mature enough as to answer mine.

Little Kiwi said...

I suppose you *did* answer my question, by typical Republican Cowardly Evasion.
The answer is that there are NO Republican Senators that support, and PROMOTE, Equality for the LGBT Community.

So, thanks for proving me right!

You asked about "liberal Senators"...this confuses me.

What defines a Liberal Senator? The Democrats are about as Liberal as Canada's Conservative Party. As far as I'm concerned, there are not currently Liberal politicians in the US.

But thanks for proving me right. You lie to yourself about reality, because your parents don't love you. Or accept you.
And you're all ashamed of yourselves. If you weren't, you'd put a real face and name to yourself and your beliefs. Oh, Gay Republicans, always hiding. One foot, and both balls, in the proverbial Closet.

Little Kiwi said...

McCain: supported Prop 8 and supports constitutional amendments banning gay marriage.
McCain: opposes LGBT couples adopting
McCain: opposed LGBT people serving openly in the military. That's why he's so virulently angry about it being repealed.

The only way you can believe it would be "bad" to allow LGBT citizens to serve openly, is if you believe that the US military is comprised more of insecure anti-gay bigots than proud, secure, confident and compassionate individuals.

If Canada can have LGBT people serve openly for 20 years, how come the US can't?

Are Americans biologically inferior? More prone to bigotry and prejudice?

Thanks for proving me right, time and time again. You guys have excuses for everything, and reasons for nothing.
No wonder your families are ashamed of you.

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