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Thursday, 16 June 2011

WEINERGATE! Aka, Lamest "Sex-Scandal" Ever

When violence breaks out at a sporting event, the cameras rush in to capture all the action.
When a tit broke out at the Superbowl years ago, the FCC got their muthafuckin' FINE on.
There were riots last night in Vancouver, because the canucks lost a fucking hockey game. riots. cars set on fire and exploded. because team lost a HOCKEY GAME.

and yet...people freak out about Gay Pride? "Oh..the stereotypes of pride..there's gonna be A DRAG QUEEN! ...there's gonna be GUYS IN SPEEDOS!...or BOOBS! or BARE BUMS!"

yeah. know what there's not gonna be? carbombings and rioting.
those are 'straight male stereotypes' that are actually harmful that we're, blessedly, free from.

again, the anger and morality of "sex issues" and not "violence" ones.
every city that hosts the Superbowl sees a spike in not just drug and sex trafficking, but specifically CHILD sex trafficking.

it's all-too-common for violence and vandalism to erupt after a sports team loses a "big game"; i used to live in the UK - the 'soccer hooligans' thing is legit.

it's a more than common occurrence, to the point that it's almost expected and more police are deployed to areas where the games are being held in ADVANCE.

if gay pride events had the histories of violence that many big sports games have then i'd understand a backlack against them.
as is, people seem less concerned about violent reactions to sport losses and more concerned with dudes showing their bums.

and bums, like sexy jewish penises, pose no actual threat of harm to society.

Now, the reality is that straight men have a more violent image than gay men do and yet gay men are the ones demonized by society.


Shannon1981 said...

Well you know how I feel about this. People have some ridiculously fucked up morals. Who cares who Anthony Weiner sent cock shots to. That is his wife's incident to be angry about, not mine. The man was a beast in Congress, and he got the job done. His sex life is none of my business.

As for the rioting? Sensationalizing violence that way in the media, the movies, and daily TV is disgusting. Warped, warped values, I tell ya.

Garrit Hart said...

dear mr ray,

thank you for your deaf friendly posting.

your friend,

garrit cole hart

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