Little Kiwi and Bauhaus

Little Kiwi and Bauhaus
A Boy and His Dog

Friday, 2 March 2012

Reminders of Love

Just out for a little walk in my neighbourhood, taking in the sun and the brisk March air. I stop by a fast-food joint because baby needs him some french fries, and like a true Canadian* I happily take my place in line.
*Canadians LOVE to queue. We LOVE it. We can't WAIT to wait for our own turn for something that we're all going to get in good time!*
Before me in line I see a bouncy, happy, giddy young boy and his father. As they approach the register the kid's bouncing becomes an outright joyous bounding and squealing. His father laughs. The woman behind the register beams. I see that her picture is on the wall next to the register. She's the Employee of the Month. This young boy is her son - her husband brought him by so he could see the Employee of the Month framed picture of his mother.
The woman is glowing.
The husband is smiling.
The kid is so happy. He's looking at me and some of the other people in line, to make sure we know that that's his mom in the picture.
I'm standing in line trying not to completely dissolve into a puddle of tears. The dad takes out his iPhone so he can take a picture of his son and wife next to the framed photo. Oh, lord. Now I'm now officially working my scrawny ass off to not burst into a fit of tears. It's just the sweetest damn thing I've seen in ages.

The kid's smile could end war.
The husband's love and adoration of his wife is so lovely that I want to throw myself onto a sword and die, because......well I don't know why. It just sounded like something intense to say.
The mother's glow of pride is what kills me most - I can see it in her eyes: how happy she is that she did well, that it was recognized, and that the recognition has in turn made her son and husband proud.
An exchange of smiles, kisses (the dad holding the wee-one up to kiss his mummy, which he caps with an "I love you mommy!" ((bless!))) and they're on their way.

I came for a guilty-pleasure deep-fried treat and ended up getting an unexpected serving of soulfood that I suspect will nourish me for weeks.

I walked home in the rain. Bawling. This is not an exaggeration. Thank God for hoodies.

Oh, and the fries never tasted so good.


Top to Bottom said...

F*ckin' beautiful.

Wzaboo said...

Hi Little Kiwi

This is Rin. :) You are sweet enough to eat up with whipped cream and a cherry, but also very, very strong.

Thank you for educating me--always kindly--and thank you for being the brave you that you are.

I don't know much about your private would seem even rude to ask, but I hope you are well loved. Take good care.

Tina said...

This post made my day, THANK YOU!

Bobby said...

Thank you for sharing that. I needed that today. Absolutely beautiful!

Bobby said...

By the way - you're effen gorgeous. Love your pic with the dog.

Zac said...

Hey man, I just want to say i look up to you. Reading what your write at queerty and now your blog has been a breath of fresh air. People like you help break the self homophobia that i have from a small town christian up bringing that has made coming out such a slow process that im still working on. Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

This is TJ from Towleroad. Just wanted to let you know that a)I miss you, and b) I love this post. Sincerely hope you are ok.

gavvybear said...

Gorgeous post. So glad you took the time to absorb all that wonderfulness and share it with us. Im beaming now too :)

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Little Kiwi Loves Bauhaus
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