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Monday, 17 October 2011

Zachary Quinto Officially Comes Out

yes yes yes yes yes.

Beautifully worded, emotionally and intellectually honest. This is what Coming Out is about, and I for one am proud to call Zachary Quinto 'brother'.

Plus, as if it were even possible, this just made him about 100 times sexier.

I cannot stress enough how perfect Quinto's message is. There's truly not much else to say. I'm literally rendered speechless. What I feel about Coming Out, why it's so important, why it's so liberating, why it's necessary for a truly authentic existence....Quinto perfectly encapsulates it all.
A major factor in why my parents were completely accepting of me from the moment I Came Out to them is the reality that other LGBT people, whom were not blood relations nor even particularly "close" best friends of my family nevertheless made it their business to be Out to my parents. Out. As colleagues. Co-workers. Church members. Community members. These men and women made a point to be Out, to be known as members of the LGBT community, to people who included my mother and father. So when I Came Out there was no sudden ignorance-based fear of "Oh NO! Our son is gay! What does this MEAN!?!?" - they have a frame of reference. They already knew gay people. They had no reason to do anything other than love me exactly as they always had. The love didn't change, but there was indeed a new understanding of who I am, what I've been through, what has shaped me, and what I've been "up against" since childhood through adolescence. With it came the realization that "the family" has to Come Out, too. In support of the LGBT Community. It's not just the LGBT person that has to Come Out, the family has to Come Out with them in solidarity. This is how win the war against ignorance, prejudice, and hatred.

Quinto understands this. Read his blog post. Share it with family and friends. It's perfect.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


emarell said...


Mr. Quinto: one beautiful fully human being.

Wilson said...

1) Yeah, when I heard this too, I just fell in love with him all over again.

2) I wanted to leave a comment here because the comment section in the article about Grindr producing a generation of gay fascists got too long, so I wanted to make sure I said it here: THANK. YOU. Oh man, of all the comments, yours have been the most eloquent and well-argued. So many people really don't like questioning their own motivations. I'm Hispanic (I believe I have "oscillating privilege," since I don't look completely Hispanic but have the ability to remind people no, I'm not white), and tend to like certain guys as well, but I very much know that that's because I HAVE been taught by society to be attracted to a certain type. Something that, now that I'm cognizant of it, I'm trying to change. Anyways, thanks for that, it's nice to know someone out there understands.

MLSugie said...

Jesus H. Christ, people freak the fuck out when faced with their own awful shit online. Can we please fuck? We could have beautiful brown babies.

Wilson said...

Uuuh, I can haz dinner first? Support your local starving academic!

Martin said...

Universal acceptance and unconditional love should be the basis for all interpersonal interactions.

Put simply - love yourself so that you may fully love others!

God bless Zachary.

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