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Thursday, 2 July 2015

I'm Not Gay, I'm Just A Dance Major (and other teenage nonsense)

Matt Baume, one of the world's brightest, cleverest, sexiest and most charming of writer/commentators out there, recently interviewed me for his podcast series.

Or over at The Advocate

Baume is a national treasure and it was a true pleasure to be interviewed by him, talking about my Coming Out, my experiences in the arts as a gay man, and the art and literature that helped shape me as the gay man I am today.

Enjoy!  And follow Baume.  He's swoon-worthy.


Brick1101 said...

I just posted a link to this podcast over at joemygod. Thank you. You give me hope that "Gay culture torch" will be carried on. Ethan Mordden's writings have had such an influence on my life. One quote in particular found on page 28 from "Some Men Are Lookers":
Carlo was silent for a bit. Then: “Can I say something about Tom Driggers? If you don’t go see him off, and you come to regret it, you will never be able to undo it. And you’ll hurt real tough. But if you do go and come to regret that it won’t matter. Because giving too much never feels as bad as giving too little.” There have been situations where I've pushed myself to do something I really did not want to do and I made myself uncomfortable, but this quote always proved to be true.
I'm past 60, so to hear you give such respect to the gay world I lived and grew up in really means a lot.
I wanted to get an E-mail out to Matt on how I enjoyed his podcast, but he only has Twitter for a contact... I'm not there yet. When I retire my flip cover Tracfone I may get on board!

Little Kiwi said...

Brother! Thank you so much! What thread did you link it on??

Mordden....that man's worked changed my life in so many ways. And yes, the Tom Drigger story...good god. It broke my heart. Kiwi was so upset. And Carlo, dearest Carlo......what a wonderful character.

I promise to to my best to keep on what you guys have done, and will pass the torch onto those who will carry it when I'm gone :)

Brick1101 said...

Just taking a break from yard work to find your note. This made my day. The internet has done so much to share lives in ways unimagined hardly 20 years ago.
The JMG thread I posted the link to was huge...

I had an online journal at the site Open Diary from 2001-2014 when they finally shut down. I searched through my old files to find this entry on a trip to NYC back in late November 2001 I think you can relate to:
I am really in a Manhattan state of mind. I grabbed "Some Men Are Lookers" by Eathan Mordden before I left the house, for something to read on the plane. This is the 4th book in his Buddie's series that chronicles his life, and that of his friends. Naturally, this all takes place in Manhattan, so you learn the dirt on a lot! His abode I believe is on 53rd st. Since I'm right around the corner, I decided to walk down the street, just to say I've been on the same street that Eathan Mordden lives on. As I'm tooling down the South side of the street, I stop dead in my tracks. There on the other side is a tall man in black leather pants, and jacket. He looks just like this author from his book jacket photos. Also in tow is a shorter that Dennis Savage?? and a younger man....Cosgrove?? I'll never know for sure, but I like to think I really did have a spotting of an author I greatly respect. Flying high on that, I continued on to the subway.

I have paper journals going back to the 1980's I need to transcribe into a searchable programme like Word. So many of the people recorded there are gone and as time passes forgotten.

You have me smiling and in the mood to crank out a journal entry. I only use my E-blogger for public entries to share on Facebook. My personal journal site is at where I blog under the name "brickpaver" as I collect bricks, along with fire hydrants, and other heavy things!!

A belated "Happy Canada Day" to you......

AJ Wipper said...

This comment isn't really specifically about this blog post...but didn't know where else to write it...

I followed your link from Towleroad and have been reading some of your posts from the past few years (I even watched a few YouTube videos). And I just wanted to say that your level of intelligence pleasantly surprised me. Often times with people who comment on articles/posts/etc. you will follow their social trail to the depths of their incompetence. And I'm glad that wasn't the case with you!

I think we have a lot of similar opinions but differ on some other things - and that's totally okay. The way you express yourself on your blog and YouTube channel seems to be respectful enough to allow room to disagree. And that is something that is sorely lacking in society right now.

I hope you continue blogging and sharing your opinions on things that you feel passionate about. It's people like who you make a case for why the Internet is a good thing. ;)

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