Little Kiwi and Bauhaus

Little Kiwi and Bauhaus
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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Is It Wrong To Have A Crush On Terry Fox?

I sure hope not.
ok. Terry Fox. Let's just get this right out in the open: I think he was one of the finest human beings every to grace this earth.let's get one more thing out in the open: i have a crush on him.i know, he's dead. but i have plenty of crushes on dead people (gene kelly, james dean, scott noll,,etc)but for some reason, whenever i say "terry fox was hot" people look at me like i said something evil. like, how is it WRONG to be attracted to terry fox!?!?let's look at the stats:
1. He had cancer, and lost a leg to it and STILL ran across the country.
2. he wore little short shorts while doing it.
3. and a tight teeshirt
4. and he had a hot runners body
5. he's forever, we have a hottie who in the face of a disease that eventually took his young life, found the strength and courage to keep running. THAT IS SO FUCKING SEXY!
am i wrong?!?wouldn't it be more offensive to say "terry fox isn't sexy because he only had one leg" ? it made him SEXIER! lord, scars are hot, a prosthesis is like a sexier extension of that!look at young guys in wheelchairs. many are hot. why? cuz a lot of the ones who are in wheelchairs due to spinal cord injury were extreme athletes. hot adventurous dudes who did extreme stuff and were injured. so they're kickass punky hot. and due to being in a wheelchair, have hot upper bodies. OH! Or that documentary "MURDERBALL" about the para-and-quadriplegiacs who play murderball in their wheelchairs? Dude, they're fucking S E X Y!
i'm not fetishizing it, i'm simply saying, there's something sexy about people who've put themselves on the line physically, and refuse to be victimised and weak about it. fighting spirit man, it's so attractive.
and terry fox, beautiful inside and out, will be forever young. 21 years old, running forever, for an incredible cause. hot. hot hot. HOT HOT HOT.

love you man :-)

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